10 Best Electronic Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks offer the best security on residential doors. “Dead” is used because these locks do not contain springs. They allow you to easily enter and leave your house. All you need is to use your phone or touchscreen to enter your codes and gain entry. Most of them are “smart” which means you easily access your deadbolt remotely with the help of your phone.

Here are the best 10 Electronic Deadbolt Locks

1.Schlage Connect Camelot


This type of locks connects to your home automation system and allows you to lock and unlock your door remotely through the web or smartphone. It has three alert modes which inform when someone is trying to gain entry to your house. It has fingerprint-resistance touchscreen which protects against fingerprint and smudges.

2.Kwickset 909 SmartCode

It features SmartKey re-key technology which allows you to lock it in 3 seconds and in three steps. Similarly, it features an adjustable latch that helps it fit all standard door preparations. It also includes a standard deadbolt strike. Its installation is also not complicated; out of the box, installation involves just a screw, 4AA batteries, measuring tape and deadbolt itself.

3. Yale YRD-220 Real Living

This type of Electronic deadbolt lock stores approximately 25 customized entry codes. You can easily enable or disable the auto re-lock
function by the touch of the button. If you need additional security, Privacy Mode simply locks out all codes. The good with this deadbolt lock is that it can speak to you in three languages; English, French and Spanish.

4. Schlage Plymouth FE575

Its innovative turn lock features enable you to lock and leave without a key. It works well for front doors, garage entry doors, and back or side doors. It is to replace the existing handles by using a screwdriver in not more than 30 minutes. No programming is required; it comes with two user codes.

5. Kwikset 99160-002

It uses 4 AA batteries which are purchased separately. It is easy to install; few minutes with the help of a screwdriver. It allows you to lock after 30 seconds; customized automatic door locking. Additionally, it allows you to communicate wirelessly to security and home security system through Z-wave. Lastly, it has re-key ttechnologythe lock yourself in a few seconds in three simple steps.

6. LockState LS-1500

It is a durable commercial-grade lock which has a waterproof keypad. It also allows up to 800 permanent codes and ibutton users. The good thing about this type of deadbolt lock is that it gives one-time use codes for contractors, cleaners among others. It has lockout functionality and a daylight saving time mode built in.

7. Schlage LiNK Wireless

It has the ability to receive email or text notifications. Many people love this option because it easy to install and set up the system. Similarly, it allows you access your home from anywhere at any given time. In addition to this, you can remotely monitor access to your home. However, the monthly subscription fee is required for remote access.

8. LockState LS-DB500-RB

It relies on radio frequency remote control to lock and unlock the door. You can use a remote for up to 30-feet away from the door. It is programmed to allow up to 6 user codes which can be 4-10 digits in length. Reversible locks work well both on right and left handed doors.

9. Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Keyless Smart Universial Deadbolt

It allows access to user pin code, RFID card or simply by the use of mechanical override key. It works well for doors with a thickness of up to 35-55mm. with this type of deadbolt lock, you can easily know if someone is trying to enter your home. It also has the random security code.

10. Baldwin Single Cylinder Deadbolt

This single cylinder deadbolt can easily be paired with several other knobs from the Baldwin Prestige collection. It features solid zinc construction and SmartKey re-key technology. Users have given this type of deadbolt lock high rankings and it is a dependable deadbolt.