10 Best Computer Bags to Save Your Tech Now Day

So you’ve spent a smallish fortune on a good laptop. Presently you have to ensure it. A case implies dropping it may not be lethal for the hardware and the sensitive glass screen. Some are tougher than others, however all are superior to nothing. Individual taste will control you towards a rucksack or delegate bag with devoted pockets or to a lighter, slimmer choice, for example, a sleeve or a case which cuts on to the laptop, remaining on for all time. On the off chance that you have a tendency to overlook a dull hued laptop in the shadows, pick something exceptionally brilliant.

1. Speck Products SmartShell Case for MacBook Pro with Retina

Spot’s scope of hard cases remain for all time wrapped on your laptop to protect it from chips and scratches. The polycarbonate cover fits impeccably – it comes in two pieces to join effectively. There are deliberately set vents so it doesn’t over warmth and obviously there’s full access to every one of the ports and keys. The case is transparent additionally arrives in a scope of hues including dark, blue and pink.

2. Firenze Laptop Briefcase

A case as brilliant as this one may help you recall to lift your laptop up. It’s knitted so it’s both alluring and defensive. In addition, there’s high-thickness froth coating within compartment to retain any real effect. It’s sufficiently enormous for a 15.6-inch laptop and there’s likewise a committed compartment for an iPad or other tablet. Lightweight, beautiful and handy.

3. Acme Made Skinny Sleeve for 13-Inch MacBook Air,

This is an incredible esteem sleeve for thin laptops, for example, the 13-inch MacBook Air. It’s produced using water-and stain-safe neoprene and fortifications protect your laptop without building the span of the sleeve, which is stunningly thin. There’s a versatile band that extends over the top to keep the MacBook set up without the requirement for a zipper. Look over dark, dark or purple.

4.Case Logic Sleeve with Retina Display

Here’s a deal alternative in case you’re soon after a cushioned case. This brilliantly shaded canvas sleeve (the plan is called Birdhouse) is exceptionally moderate and shut by a solid double zip. It’ll hold a laptop up to around 15.6 inches. There are interior pockets for embellishments and has a delicate internal coating to secure your contraption. It’s covered to repulse water, including some insurance a British summer’s day.

5. Mujjo Carry-On Folio Sleeve for 12″ Macbook – Black

Another case for the 12-inch MacBook, this smooth yet attractive choice from the Dutch outline house has a calfskin strap towards the base that makes it particularly simple to convey – you slip your hand through the strap and under the case. It’s cowhide on one side and fleece felt on the other. It’s likewise felt-lined, with an inner pocket for charge cards. Accessible in dark cowhide. Mujjo likewise makes a progression of MacBook covers in tan calfskin.

6. Tumi Alpha Bravo Andersen Slim Commuter Brief

Tumi’s notoriety is for durable, polished bags with extraordinary form quality. The Andersen, a well-thoroughly considered bag produced using strong nylon with calfskin trim, is a case in point. It’ll hold a laptop up to 15 creeps in the committed cushioned compartment, nearby any records or papers in the fundamental segment, which additionally has a sleeve for a tablet. There are a lot of littler areas all around, too. Wear it on the shoulder or by the top convey handles.

7. Thule Gauntlet 3.0 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve

In case you’re going some place courageous, or you’re quite recently colossally ungainly, the rough Gauntlet may suit. This is a hard case planned like a clamshell so you can in any case utilize your laptop while it’s inside. There’s an iPad pocket and froth cushioning ensures both tablet and computer. The base has space for power connectors and the zipper is water-impervious to keep your gadgets dry. Fits a 13-inch laptop.

8. kate spade new york Sleeve for 13″ MacBook

Kate Spade’s splendid laptop sleeve may suit when you’re taking your scratch pad out and about. It’s intended for a 13-inch laptop and has a strong zip that wraps round the top half. The outline’s propelled by travel stickers for overall goals, however in particular, it’s one you will really have the capacity to find in your bag.

9.Samsonite Classic Business 15.6 Laptop Shuttle

On the off chance that you have a robust laptop, you require a greater bag for it. This well-assembled envoy bag incorporates cushioning, a laptop space and a water-safe material inside. The Ergo Biz is sufficiently huge to deal with a 16-inch laptop. Samsonite says the outline is roused by gull wing entryways on an auto. Whatever, this is a proficient bag with loads of valuable pockets.

10. Knomo Tech 13 Inch Mac Book Sleeve

This is a polished, supple calfskin sleeve that has a reassuringly cushioned inside. Like most items, every one has an interesting tag to recognize it if lost. In the event that the discoverer contacts Knomo, it’ll send them a reward and re-join you with your item. This is a lavishly well-made sleeve that is a delight to utilize. Accessible in yellow, slate and dark.