10 Best cheap blankets & throws 2018

Best and cheap blankets are currently available online. All you need is to locate the best platform where you can get good, quality and durable blankets. Here are some of the best blankets and throws.

1. Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blankets


This product is made of 100% polyster. It has soothing warmth and beauty that make many people love it. This blanket is machine washable and. It has a dimension of 63 by 87 inches.

2. Luxury Collection Ultra Soft Plush Blankets


The product has a higher pile and longer fibers making it strong and durable. It does not shed or fade making it a good product, it is washable and it is very cozy and soft to give you comfort.

3. Sherpa throw blanket


t’s a quality product made of high density polyster with extreme fine fibers making it microfiber and it is very durable. It is available in 2 sizes 60 by 80 inches and 50 by 60 inches. It is perfect for personal use and its wrinkle resistance. Its available in many colors and users determine what best suits them. It has soft fannel face to give u comfort.

4. Ottomanson Bed Blanket


This product is made of 60% cotton, 30% acrylic and 10% polyster. The product is about 2 pounds and its dimension is 50 by 65 inches. The blanket offers a soft feel and cozy warmth to give you good sleep. Its available in various colors and weighs about 2 pounds and comes with dimension of 50 by 65 inches.

5. Fannel Fleece Blanket


This blanket is made of 100% microfiber polyster. Its durable, super soft , does not fade or shed easily and is suitable for all seasons. This product is available in twin, queen, king and throw sizes and comes with many colors like: ivory, sage green, light blue, dark grey, purple and just to list but a few. It is made of high quality material and its very cozy and soft.

6. Chasanya Super Soft Throw Blanket


This blanket is made of comfy faux fur that does not fade. The blanket is super soft and durable. It is of lightweight and medium weight that is suitable nearly all the seasons. The blanket does not shed. It is machine washable. Its available in small, medium, twin, queen and king sizes. Its dimension is 50 by 65 and it weighs 2 pounds.

7. Chic Home Elana Shaggy Faux Fur Throw Blanket


The blanket is made of super quality faux far that gives you beautiful indulgent. This blanket is made of woven material and it is machine washable. The blanket is made in USA and it comes with various colors like beige, brown, silver taupe and white. The fabric type is velour that makes it to be soft and it weighs 2 pounds.

8. Lush Décor Brookdale Sherpa Throw Blanket

This blanket is made of 100% polyster and it weighs 60 by 50 inches. It is machine washable and dries easily. Its very soft and thick to give the good comfort and warmth in winter. The blanket weighs 2 pounds and you can find it at Amazon.

9.Luxury Reversible 100% Cotton Multicolored Boho Stripe Quilted Throw Blanket


This blanket is made of 100% polyster material on its cover, filling is 50% cotton or 50% polyster. This blanket is very lightweight and thick to you the best comfort and warmth at large. The blanket is machine washable and dries easily making it easy to care.

10.Knitted Throw Blanket for Sofa and Couch, Lightweight


The blanket is made of 100% acrylic which is ultra soft and light in weight. This throw blankets is a beautiful blankets that keeps you warm as you relax, it provides you with a comfortable and cozy atmosphere that makes you feel great and it suits many occasions. This blanket has versatile usage, you can use on your bed, chair and even couch. The blanket does not fade easily and is best suited in winter as its heavy to keep you warm. Its dimension is 10 by 13 by 4 inches and it weighs 2.1 pounds.

This are the best blankets that you should go for, they are made of quality products that are durable and gives you best comfort at your home.