To 10 Best Camera tripods for 2018

It’s necessary to own a tripod if you’re serious about photography, this to ensure that you do not end up with a blurry image from shaky hands. Additionally, the stability and supports shot of a tripod, i.e. Gimbal tripod have enabled photographers to capture some of the best pictures. But how would you know which tripod is the best to purchase for your camera? If you’re on a budget or searching for a high-end tripod here are top ten tripods for 2017.

1. Manfrotto MT057C3 057 Carbon Fiber 3 Section Tripod

This tripod is equally suitable for both amateur and professional photographers looking to improve their equipment. It’s a purpose-built tripod for maximum adjustability and performance. With a massive amount of alternated settings, the tripod can reach higher than you would likely require it to and yet preserve its solid stability even while at its full expansion. In most cases, without the need of bringing its centre support into play, extending three of the four its sections will be enough. The tripod’s legs are made from carbon fiber thus providing three angle positions flexibility.

2. Velbon Sherpa 200 R/f Tripod with 3 Way Panhead

This is a great everyday tripod for both professional and dedicated amateur’s photographers. The tripod has been built with priority’s convenience. It’s easy to set up and can be used instantly thus enabling you to raffle off a hasty task as painlessly as possible. Its head is equally instinctively to use and left mounted handle can free your right hand to run the camera. It has a one-touch handle that allows to lock both tilt and pan movement with one twist, even if at three kilograms it’s a little heavier to make it an excellent tripod for photographers and travelers on the move, its rubber feet, gives it an added aid in any state.

3. Vanguard VEO Aluminum Travel Tripod with Ball Head

With weight measurement of 3.7 pounds, vanguard VEO tripod has a maximum height of 59.1 inches and measures 15.4 inches when compressed. The twenty-six millimeters five section aluminum alloy legs provide three different angle positions that convert from spiked or rubber feet depending on the capturing surface. On its stability, the tripod’s TBH-50 multi-action ball head offers a broad and user-friendly central locking knob and a bubble level to control its security on the surface. Additionally, a low angle photography choice is there with little angle adapter.

4. Aluminum Globetrotter Travel Tripod/Monopod Kit


GlobeTrotter has weight measurement of 4.2 pounds and can convert into monopod and tripod of 64.2 inches. It also can adjust and fold back to a friendly travel sized tripod of 16.1 inches. With two leg angle separate positions, this tripod can support five expandable leg position to hit a maximal height of 64.2 inches and payload support of 26.4 pounds. For allowance of fast repositioning, the tripod has an anti-rotation system that works with twist lock legs.

5. Manfrotto Compact Aluminum Travel Tripod Black

This tripod has payload support of 8.8 pounds, it also weighs about 3.1 pounds and has a maximum height of 56.7 inches. You can easily store it in a backpack or luggage because when you compress it, its height drops to 15.6 inches. You may also swiftly straighten the camera for a shot because of reliable and quick operation of its aluminum ball head. For storage and protection from any accidental damage, its two separate leg positions provide for camera’s positioning versatility. This tripod comes with a padded case for protection.

6. Vanguard VEO 204AB Aluminum

It is a tripod that can provide you with good results without much spending because of its rapid column rotation which provides for easy setup and transportation. Its high load performance is 8.8 pounds maximum payload making it more than enough for most DSLR standard shooters. For stability, the tripod’s TBH-45 multi-action ball head provides a quick and bubble level release plate. For a maximum steadiness before a shot, its twenty millimeters aluminum alloy legs offer three distinct leg angle options extending to 53.1 inches of full height.

7. JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom | Flexible Tripod with Ballhead

It is a lightweight and portable tripod with a height measurement of 14.69 inches and weight measurement of 1.68 pounds. Its focus is an excellent option for a photographer who’s looking for a distinct type of a tripod that can extend an indoor shooting on a desk or tabletop. Whether you’re planning to record your new YouTube clip or capture an ideal photo for facebook, this tripod will help do the trick. Finally long lens DSLRs’ stability is ensured because of this tripod’s stainless steel plate and wrappable legs.

8. Aluminum Alloy Camera Travel Tripod and Monopod


This tripod comes with lots of features you may likely find on far more costly options. It weighs 2.9 pounds and has a payload capacity of 17.6 pounds making it suitable for a budget-friendly price tag. The tripod can extend to a maximal height of fifty-five inches and is ideally sized for portrait capturing and landscaping. With a ball head feature, it can provide three lock nobs as well as panoramic full field view of three hundred and sixty degrees. If you’re interested in altering things up, with the removal of one leg, you can easily convert it into a monopod.

9. Gitzo GK1555T-82TQD


This tripod’s overall name brand recognition, stability and quality makes for something special. With a weight measurement of 3.1 pounds, it can telescope up to fifty-eight inches maximum height, and when compacted can close to just fourteen inches. With twenty-two pounds maximum payload, this tripod can handle a DSLR camera with attached long-range lens. An external curved form on it offers excellent grip at its bottom and helps in reducing grits and dust from getting into its locking mechanism. Finally, with its one hundred and eighty leg folding mechanism, you can quickly fold it and head to the next photographic spot.

10. Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB 100 Aluminum Tripod Kit

This tripod can extend to a maximal height of 69.12 inches. With this height, its stability becomes crucial thus can provide an excellent balance and capacity payload of about 15.4 pounds to a video camera. Also to make sure photos are captured from various angles, the tripod’s three-section aluminum alloy legs of twenty-six millimeters can adjust to twenty-five, fifty and eighty-degree angles. For allowance of central column’s quick repositioning with just a single movement, the tripod has an immediate swivel stop and lock system. For an added protection this tripod comes with a carrying case.