10 best body spray for womens after shower

Women like their perfumes to soft, and not like those heavy intoxicating kinds. Perfumes for women are as delicate as their users. These perfumes are soft, airy and come in cheap prices. It is not easy to choose the perfume in the market due to a flood of various types of perfumes in the store. Here we will show you the top ten body spray for women of 2017.

1. Victoria’s Secret Love Spell 8.4 oz Fragrance Mist

Obviously, this is a Victoria Secret brand, famously known for its quality of ingredient within the body spray. Its fragrance is attractive and sensuous with a nice touch of peach, white Jasmine and Cheery Blossom. To keep the skin healthy it also contains aloe, vitamin C and E, and Grapeseeds.

2. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Lavender Vanilla Pillow Mist

It has aromatherapy properties with a very nice fragrance. Essential oils and Vanilla are the ingredients that make it relaxing to the body and mind. You can use it to spray on the pillow and blanket to have a deep sleep.

3. Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mist Warm Vanilla Sugar

The bottle of this product is robust and sight warming in color. Despite, its few ingredients, it is one the famous branded fragrance bottles in the market. The content of this bottle is worth every penny. You will smell different notes of Coconut, Vanilla Tonka, jasmine, Cocoa bean, Sandalwood and twinkling sugar.

4. Nexxus Vitatress Vitahold Mist

This misty product is solely made for hair. Thus it renders awesome styling features to your hair. It contains Fluid-Fix complex to provide a firm hold, in keeping your hairstyle hard and tight. Obviously, if it is for hair, shining property will be a part of it.

5. Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist for Women

As I said, there should no doubt, when it comes to Victoria’s secret overwhelming brand. In a simple word its seductive fragrance is a mixture of Plum, Casaba Melon and Freesia. Victoria’s Secret body mist rest in a beautifully designed bottles. It is also blended with the chamomile ingredient and hydration aloe.

6. Jean Nate

Due to its sweet fragrance and hydration features, it is also among the top most sought-after products. The undeniable quality of Jean Nate compares it with any of their products. This body spray is designed for wear while you are planning on evening dates.

7. Indigo Wild Zum Mist, Frankincense

The whole concept behind a body spray is fragrance and this one outstands among all. It fills up the room with its fragrance, relax your body and mind. The ingredients are 100% oil extract completely skin friendly, renders freshness to the skin. It revitalizes your body and leaves you feeling 20 years younger.

8. Victoria’s Secret – Vanilla Lace

If it is Victoria’s Secret brand, you are on the safe side. It is the most purchased product in the market due to its invigorating vanilla smell. Its ingredients range from Chamomile to aloe with a hydrating property and attractive delicate smell. It will calm your nerves while still leaving you with a long-lasting fragrance.

9. Murad Acne Clarifying Body Spray

Don’t judge a book by its cover is the only phras, which can elaborate the whole secret of this shower acne. Apparently the bottle design is very simple and not very attractive but it is the fragrance that sharply distinguishes it from the other. This shower acne contain features are alluring smell, containing anti-bacterial agents to protect you from acne and keep the skin healthy with it real hydration features.

10. Victoria’s Secret Body Mist, Amber Romance

Its mellow smell is inviting and last for hours irrespective of the weather conditions. Victoria’s Secret is one of the famous brand, which is justified through it fragrance. You will find it in a good shape bottle. The brand name itself recommends it for the dating and romantic evenings.