Top 10 usb mass storage devices 2016

Whenever we want to transport information offline or make a backup of our hard drive, we use different types of Generic USB mass storage devices, they can range from a few gigabytes to thousands of them. Nowadays, this kind of devices are highly used by any type of computer user, that’s why they are made with different properties and by different brands around the world. Because of this great variety in the market, we took some time to find out the Top 10 USB mass storage devices available according to their special functions, storage capacity and flexibility.

10 TaiPove

This is a standard usb storage device, but its flexibility is the main reason we choose this device to be in this list. The good thing about this usb device is not only you can connect it directly to your Iphone via its lighting port but also to your Mac or PC trought its 3.0 usb connector.

9 Rocketek 11 in 1 usb 3.0

This device does not come with an integrated storage capacity, but don’t judge it for this reason because that’s not what makes this product amazing. Rocketek is one of these product that has everything we need in a simple device, as the title of this description says, it supports 11 different formats of SD cards like UHS-I SD,SDXC, SD, Micro SDXC, SDHC, Micro SD, and MMC memory cards, making it a very flexible device. It also comes with a 3.0 usb connector to speed up your transfers.

8 Silicon Power 1TB Rugged Armor A65

This powerfull device is in the list of best sellers of 2016. It has a very strong armor that protects it from falls and physical failures of the device, this powerfull shield protects it even from water since it is IP67 compliant. As the official description says, it is a military grade product, making it a very realiable device that guarantees your information will available for a long period of time. Its one terabyte capacity allows you to save any regular backup of information with its high speed transfer capacity usb 3.0.

7 Apricorn Aegis Secure Key FIPS

ValidatedSecurity is a big need when you are looking for a storage device, you don’t want people looking at your files if you lose it or leave it in some place, so this is one of the best options available in market if you are searching for privacy. It comes with very standard storage capacity like 8gb, 16gb and 32gb, but the fact of having a key pad on, it’s what makes it a good option as a USB mass storage device. Your information will be always safe against intruders with its 256 bit encrypted feature.

6 Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro 3TB

Western Digital really managed to be in this top ten with this powerfull wireless device. Buying this usb mass storage device is like having your personal storage cloud for information, you don’t even need a cable or an available usb port to make it work, all you need is to connect your computer to it via Wi-Fi and you will ready to upload or download your information; also you can connect it via usb 3.0 if you prefer to transfer your information this way. It does come with a integrated battery that guarantees up to 10 hours of work.

5 Apricorn Aegis Padlock 2 TB DT 256-bit Encrypted USB 3.0

What’s better than the Aegis secure key? Well the answer is an Apricorn Aegis external hard drive with a padlock on it! As we saw in past lines of this top, this kind of devices have a powerfull security interface that improves your privacy, but what makes this Apricorn product even more interesting, is the fact that you can have the same Aegis secure key features with an high capacity drive, this version comes with 2 terabytes of storage.

4 VisionTek 256GB USB 3.0 SSD Pro

This product looks like it came from the future, this thiny and large usb device comes with up to 256gb storage device, that’s a lot of capacity for a small product like this.

3 PNY Pro Elite 512GB 400MB/sec

if you tought that any usb could come with more capacity than the 256gb VisionTek USB, you were wrong, PNY went nearly to its limit while producing this new high speed transfer device with the double of capacity of its rival; 512 gb in a small and portable device is just wonderfull.

2 G-Technology G-DRIVE USB G1 10TB

This is a must have if you are looking for an high capacity USB mass storage device, with this external hard drive you can save all of your information from different PCs in the same place. It’s so small and light compared to others products of this category, it only weights 4 pounds.

1 Buslink CipherShield CSX-20TRU3KKB 20TB

Dual KeysWe have to put something very big at the end of this top, that’s why we decided for this product, this Buslink device is a high-tech product. It comes with the capacity of encritping information with a 512bit key. It does have a very powerfull storage capacity and is also one of the most reliable products in market talking about security and durability.
It was a hard decision to choose the best top 10 usb mass storage devices and there may be different opinions in this matter since there are a lot of brands and products out of there, but we mainly focused on the flexibility of the products and also in their unique capacities among others.