Top 10 Led strip light reviews 2016


One of the coolest light technologies to come out in recent years are LED strip lights. Though LED lights have been around for years, mainly used as LED downlight bulbs and other functions, these LED strip lights are a wild new ride. These strips take the advantage of LED efficiency and use it for a fun new purpose, to place in the smallest crevices and corners to make a room glow like it’s never done before.


Find out what makes LED strip lights so amazing with these ten products:

1. Rxment LED Strip Lighting



LED strip lighting is a small strip of lights, that you can install just about anywhere to make a room or piece of furniture extra exciting. What’s really cool is that these lights can change color with the click of a button. Take for example Rxment LED Strip Lighting. With a small controller, you can make up to 16 different colors.


2. LightPlus RGB LED Strip Flexible



LED strip lighting are extremely easy to control. Most, like LightPlus’s LED strip lights come with a roller to keep your strip lights together. LightPlus offers a three month warranty for their amazing lights that are perfect for lining the top of a room or under a counter.


3. Topmax LED Strip



Topmax LED Strips have been reviewed very high, and with good reason. Not only are their LED strip lights superb, but they come with a very reliable power supply with fuse to protect your lights from losing power.


4. Song-Wing LED Strip



Here’s a cool new way to control the lights in your home, with your phone! Song-Wing’s LED strip lights come with an Apple iOS and Android OS phone app that lets you turn on your lights and choose a variety of different colors.





This set of two LED strips come with a sound control mode that will make the LED strip change color with the rhythm of a song.


6. HonestEast LED Strip Lights



What’s really cool about HonestEast LED Strips is that every three lights can change color to make a very cool multi-color presentation. HonestEast also makes it easy for you to install the lights exactly how you want by adding cut lines for where you can actually cut the lights without any issues.


7. LE LED Strip Lights



They’re not multi-colored, but if you’re looking for a single warm light for a kitchen or bathroom, you can’t beat the price of LE’s LED strip lights. Non-waterproof, so best to keep inside, these lights have a warm yellow glow that will make any room feel comfortable. And for half to a third of the price of most LED strip lights, they’re not a bad deal.


8. MEILI LED Strip Lighting



Of all the LED strip lights, these MEILI LED Strips have probably the most interesting multi-colored look out of any listed. While others tend to stick in the RGB tone, MEILI has made theirs a more purple and white color that’s intriguing and new. If you’re looking for an interesting way to present a room or dance floor, consider these.


9. ALEKO Flexible Strip Lights



If you’re looking for multi-colored lights on the other side of the spectrum, that is to say very strict to RGB with a rainbow effect that’s as fun as it is impressive, then take a look at ALEKO’s LED strip. Waterproof and with a 12V DC, they’re great for outdoors or in.

10. JIAEN String Lights



The Solar box that accompanies it of aggregate greenery enclosure lighting is exceptionally decent. It is somewhat bigger than the majority of the sunlight based boxes I have for different strings with the same measure of lights. It likewise appears to be sturdier and more strong. The aggregate lighting is a sensible worth at the cost, especially in the event that you are making a beeline for put it to use on little or medium scene occupations. In the net light box you will discover your lights, the affixed sunlight based box, a greenery enclosure stake and clearly composed directions. You have the alternatives of on, off, relentless or glimmering.