The Top 10 GPS Tracking For Kid Reviews 2016

Child safety is a parent’s number one priority. I mean, what kind of parent would like their children to get hurt. Right? While the parents might not benefit from it themselves it does give them the means of protecting their children. I mean, every parent would do everything to protect their child. The most popular means of protecting once child is tracking your child’s movements and prevent any harm coming their way. Here are a few great GPS trackers for your child:

1. X-Doria Kids GPS Tracker



This tracker is a great option for any concerned parent. It’s very simple tracker that comes with a panic button. This tracker is so small that a child can carry it around inconspicuously. The GPS data is directly transmitted to your phone via cellular network. That means, you can track your child even at the comfort of your home.

2. Key finder GPS Tracker by iTrack



This GPS has a multitude of use. It’s a small tracker that can connect with your phone to locate missing objects (e.g. keys, cars and bags) because it is small even your child can carry it either in her bag or her pocket. This tracker has an App that could let you use the tracker as a remote camera when lost. This tracker can even be used as your own personal vehicle tracking solution in the event that someone stole your car.

3. Trax Personal GPS Tracker



This GPS tracker has a multitude of use but most buyers (e.g. parents) prefer to use this tracker to monitor their childs activity. It was purposely built small so that your child could carry it around with ease. This tracker is able to provide real time data to your phone before the batteries runs out.

4. Skynanny 1.0 GPS Child Tracker



This tracker is by far one of the most compact model out in the market. It’s small enough to fit any pocket or bag of your child and requires no complicated set up whatsoever. All the data can be directly sent to your phone via special app that the manufacturers created.

5. ModFamily GPS Tracker for Kids



This tracker is by far one of the most affordable GPS tracker in the market. It only offers basic function but it has its own SOS button in times of emergency. You can track your child movements via Google Maps provided that you’ve configured it for the device.

6. Sourcingbay Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker


It’s a compact, well built tracker and it’s really accurate, too. All the location updates of your child is sent via GSM network which means you need a data plan. You can also track it via Computer, Mobile phone or Tablet with its dedicated App.

7. Zytree Mini A8 Tracking Device



This tracker is packed with features to provide you data about where your child maybe. It relays you this data in real time via 3G network. Its SOS button has a feature called VOX black call effectively making it a radio, which means you have communication to your child wherever he or she may be.

8. FiLIP 2 Smart Locator with Voice for Kids, Watermelon Red



This this tracker offers 2 way communication using a 2G connection. You just need to assign 5 numbers (e.g. moms number, dads number or his or her legal guardian) with its built in GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi capabilities you can also track your childs movements through its dedicated app.



9. Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator



With its small size ( only measuring at just 7cm) makes it very handy for tracking your just by just placing it inconspicuously . It has a battery life of about 40 hours which makes its batteries very long lasting great for emergencies and such. You can check your child’s location using the accompanying app which is accessible through iOS or Android. The best thing about this is it has a feature notifying you that your child is close to a registered pedophile (approx. 500 ft.) making it very crucial for your child’s safety.



10.PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker, Compatible with iOS & Android for Locating and Monitoring Children



This tracker uses GSM and GPS to track your childs movement. It’s very durable and can withstand a few knicks and dings making it very useful in an emergency situation. This circular tracker features a “tap alert” which allows your child to send SOS alerts by tapping it three times. It also has a built in accelerometer which you can preset so you would know that if his or her bus driver got the need for speed.