Top 10 Best Kettle Set Reviews 2016

The look of your kitchen is really important, but functionality is far more important. It is not common to find a product that will complete the look of your kitchen and at the same time offer top-notch functionality. However, below is a list of 10 best kettle and toaster reviews in 2016 that will make your homework easy. Get any of them today at an affordable price.

10. Breville impressions kettle and 4 slice toaster bundle



Are you looking for a kettle and toaster cream set that will perfectly complement your kitchen? Then you should look no more as there is the Breville impression kettle and toaster set on the market today. This is a powerful and convenient set. On the toaster, there are illuminating buttons that will illustrate your selected settings. This will ensure that your home – made toast creations are just the way you want them. The kettle on the other hand, will definitely become the centerpiece of your kitchen. It comes with a finish of glossy white texture. This is one of the best kettle and toaster set you will find on the market today.

9. Vonshef black diamond kettle and slice toaster set



This is an easy to operate and clean set perfect for your kitchen. It is a high quality set that comes with free 2- year warranty. If you need a kettle that will boil your water within milliseconds, then here it is. The kettle also has a cordless design and fantastic mobility. The 2 slice toaster on the other hand, has extra wide slots make it ideal for both thin and thick bread.

8. Andrew James Breakfast duo set



This is a set that you will find both attractive and functional in your kitchen for your daily use. They will offer your kitchen a look that is professional and above that, they will give you a top-notch performance. The kettle is fast boiling making it perfect for a busy kitchen. There is a unique warming rack that comes with the high-quality toaster making it perfect for buns, breakfast pastries and bagels.

7. Russell Hobbs 21830 kettle and two-slice toaster set



This is a set that has been designed with great simplicity making it one of the easiest yet efficient to operate. It is an easy to clean set and comes with a stainless steel material. The appliances are designed to make your work easier in the kitchen within a short period of time. The kettle comes with a boil zone that is rapid hence, saving you a lot of time while the toaster features a reheat function that will always ensure that you take you enjoy hot toasts any time you need one.

6. Russell Hobbs 14816 kettle and toaster twin pack



This is a brand that has long been associated with innovation, quality and style and this one set is no exception. It has always been a challenge to match a toaster and a kettle so well like in this case. The kettle comes polished with a stylish manner and a stainless steel finish. The toaster on the other hand perfectly matches the kettle not only in style but also in functionality. You need to experience this.

5. Electric cordless jug kettle and toaster set – gloss black



This will surely prove to be a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. This is because the set comes with modern design as well as practical performance. The 2 slice toaster comes with a reheat function, removable crumb tray and variable browning control among others. The kettle has a 1.7- liter maximum capacity, automatic safety and LED indicator lamp among others.

4. SWAN SK13110B fastboil kettle and toaster set



There are numerous kettle and toaster sets on the market, but only a few are of high-quality. This one is worth every cent of your hard earned money. The set will surely be attractive in your kitchen with the striking black and blue design. The kettle features a boil dry protection and a water gauge indicator while the 4- slice toaster toast diverse options for your breakfast and lunch from crumpets to bagels. Both are easy to clean appliances.

3. Morphy Richards Accents Kettle and toaster cream sets



Are you looking for a high-performing yet affordable kettle and toaster set? This is the set that will surely add some touch in your kitchen and still leave you with some change in your pocket. The set has functional and classic retro styling features. The base of the kettle is cordless and rotates 360 degrees enhancing user-friendliness. The 4 slice toaster is easy to clean and comes with a removable crump tray, cord storage, defrost setting and cooltouch.

2. Smeg TSF01PGUK KLFO1PGUK Toaster and kettle set



This is a set that comes with superior quality and high functionality. The 2 slice toaster has two extra slots that are wide, six browning levels, anti-slip feet feature and integrated cable storage among many other great features. The kettle features a pull-push opening lid, 360 degrees swivel base, stainless steel material, concealed heating element among other features.

1. Vonshef White diamond kettle and toaster set



This is the set with a kettle that boils water rapidly with a concealed element. The kettle is cordless and a flip- top lid that makes refilling effortless. The 2 slice toaster is contemporary, modern and high- performing. The set is easy to use and most importantly, safe to use.

The above are the top 10 kettle and toaster set reviews in 2016. If you need a perfect match for your kitchen, then one of these will be a perfect fit. All of them are easy to clean, high quality and highly affordable. Get one of them and complete the look and functionality of your kitchen.