Women Pet Carrier Sweater Puppy Kitten Pouch Hoodies Long Sleeve


This pet carrier sweater imitate the cat’s look.
* Cute ears on the hood
* Thumb holes on each sleeve
* Paw pads sewn on the wristband
* Detachable washing big pouch
* 2 little pockets for hands or handphone
* Pom-poms on the hood strings which would be fun for a cat to play with. It¡¯s easy to wear and attract your friends¡¯ eyes.

Interact with your little cute pet like cats or dogs
* To hold a kitten in the big pouch while walking around or simply to snuggle with in a big chair or couch.
* With dog gets worn out on hikes so this will give her a chance to rest without slowing us down.
* Instead of doggie carriers, you can has a new dog pocket if you love taking into stores with her/him that likes to just carry the pup in with you and put her in the cart. I thought this would be a great alternative.
* The puppy kitten pouch sweater is a wonderful gift to animal lovers.

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