Lingswallow High Waist Yoga Pants

This is my very first review, so I hope this isn’t messy hahaha. I love these workout pants. They are high waisted as expected. They have 3 pockets. 2 for phones, keys, things of that sort. One on both sides of your thighs. The other one is on the waistband and it fits a credit or debit card perfectly. Works great for someone like me who doesn’t like carrying around a purse and a wallet. I grab my phone, card, keys and am on my way. I attached some pictures in case that helps. I apologize if the quality isn’t amazing. When I pulled them out the bag, they looked way too SHORT. I was worried they would fit like kapris on me. To my surprise, they fit all the way down to my ankle. They look smaller than they actually are! They’re very stretchy and give me tummy compression as well. They passed the squat test. I always wear nude no-show underwear when working out, so i’m not sure if other types of underwear would affect that or not. They appear to be a thick enough fabric to me. I even measured the pockets and they are about 5 inches deep. I used an iPhone 6s to show how it fits inside. For reference, my measurements are 33-27-37. I weight 126-130 and am 5’7. A size small fit perfectly. I am normally a size small so I’d say they are true to size. If you like form fitting clothes, go with your usual size. I love that as a size small, they actually fit my legs. I usually have issues with smaller sizes looking like high waters on me. I can imagine that larger sizes will fit taller women with no issue. I’ve never owned high-end workout clothes so I can’t compare these to other brands. For the price point, these are pretty damn great. I’ll try to update in a few months to see if they still hold up a 5 star rating. Hope this helps!