Top 7 Long reads of the week

Top 7 Long reads of the week
Sports & outdoors September 07, 2017
This is longreads story that I heard and see while I traveling many countries.i just share but It no particular order but if you don't like it please keep it on the table.

1. I left my heart in San Fransisco, where the Golden Gate bridge elapsed in the grand City

The many states in the U.S. do make you imagine the life of the American Dream. Somehow, as the bay area go with its surreal city scape, unnoticed at times, the Golden Gate Bridge never does. As the wheels of my car, paved the street of San Fransisco’s marvelous bridge, where it leads you to Marin County, a feeling of being an American, and the pride I carry with me, go beyond the levels I couldn’t fervor.

2. How “people vs. the government” no longer applies in the modern era.

Insidiously, we citizens in a sovereign country tend to dread the idea of Bureaucracy. Although this creates conflicts and strikes that may alarm the heiracrchy of governments that technically runs the system. However, why we should stay put and go to the grounds of being obsolete is the fact that, we the people don’t have power over officials way above the food pyramid. It generally goes to show how it is almost seems pointless to be wandering about other culture’s civic purpose to generally give a voice during political conflicts, outside and inside our very nation.

3. Country roads, take me home…

Country road, Houston Texas-- A visit from a child’s distant memory never goes fading into the abyss of immortal wastes. We all have that feeling of Nostalgia where in, a place, object or relic we choose to keep close to our hearts keep coming back to us each year we get to remember the very thought of it. How I wondered the times of my absence, tarnishing the foot road that takes me to my country home after school, now seems to wash the prints of my sole shoes when carrying them past the ways of my hometown.

4. Travel Plan 2017

One stop at a time, I always think to myself. A few probability here and there, to where I should be going. It seems far too extensive to go and reach out where I should be going next. Maybe a trip to Asia is where the next destination should be. Could it be Europe? In any cases, travelling has always been my niche and passion since childhood, and upon recently did I see how the beaches at Bali, Indonesia, carries out luscious waves and grained sand that far outstretches the parameters of the lone island. Quickly I thought, this planning doesn’t end here. A plan never ends with the possibilities reaching the stars.

5. Paris, au re·voir!

After a month of my honeymoon at the Hilton Towers in Paris, I grew to have left part of me with it. I was desperately in love with France as I stayed for 30 days. Crazy to think a city so loved and adored to an overrated extent, really does deserve all its praise. From the scenery of the Eiffel Tower from my window’s view truly captivates me with enamored feelings of “Instagram worthy photo” to “Great historical structure to be taken care of until the end of days.” Serene and gorgeous it truly was, surely I will dearly miss…

6. Weekend at The City that never sleeps’

As an Asian native, living in the Philippines, it sure does feel great stepping foot at NYC time square. Walking around, taking photos at extremely large buildings, cultivated an experience that I wouldn’t take into drowning my thoughts away. One thing I looked most forward is, the classic New York Pizza. It is different anywhere else, but NYC? Different ball game. Just a word for thought? Would I get to meet the Knicks during my visit? And if I do, how would I react to it? Crazy to think about a world professional sports team has stepped foot to where I am standing, here in Madison Square Garden.

7. Behind the scenes, at Universal—Singapore

I don’t need to worry about a T-rex, chasing me from a mile away. Or the fact going back to time and meeting Marty Mcfly after making his acquaintance would soon cross a number in my bucket list. Universal Studios set in Singapore drives my inner spirit as a cinephile, and finally unleashing it to respected and synchronized fans in the area. The parks and rides don’t seriously concern and excite me, but the film studio’s set samples and rooms sure does. A wide plethora of sceneries from my favorite Spielberg movie “Jaws” just made me feel like a little kid again, watching from VHS my parents used to own back in the days. You can never know, when the time comes, when finally your dreams to go and view the places you really want to visit. Off to the time machine car, and send me back a week ago to re-experience everything for myself once more.

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