Most Popular Korean And China Actors In 2017

Most Popular Korean And China Actors In 2017
Movies September 16, 2017
The Asian film and theatre sector has really come up in the world. They have really come a long way from poor CGI and terrible acting to produce some of the best actors in the world. These Asian actors have gone beyond their borders to act in some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood. These actors have it all. They have the looks, the swag and the charisma. They are also excellent actors with a huge acting range. They are men and women from Asia that have changed the industry. Some of them include the following:

1. Jackie Chan

He is probably one of the most identifiable Chinese actors. His real name is Chan Kong-Sang. On a professional level he is a martial artists. He is also a professional actor and, little known, musician. He is also a professional stuntman. The most surprising fact about Jackie Chan is he is 63 years old but still performs stunts like a younger man.

2. Kimsoo Hyun

He is a South Korean Actor that is quite popular with the ladies. Born in 1988 he is 29 years old. He is best known for his leading roles in some South Korean soaps such as Moon Embracing the Sun and Dream High. He has also acted a few movies like The Thieves.

3. Rain

This is a South Korean singer and song writer, he is also a popular actor. He has had a very successful music career spanning 28 albums and numerous world tours. He made his acting debut in the movie, Sang Doo! Let’s to school! He was then given a leading role in Full House in 2004.

4. Lee Jong Suk

This is an actor as well as a model. He debuted as a model in 2005 while he was merely 15 making him the youngest ever model to grace the Seoul Fashion Week. He made his debut in the acting world in 2012 in a series called School. He has since appeared in numerous other television series. These include Doctor and Can Hear Your Voice.

5. Jet Li

His real name is Li Lianjie. He is an actor who played some of the most dramatic martial arts movies we know. He is also a movie producer as he acts less than he did in the past. He was born in Beijing but is a Singapore citizen by naturalization.

6. Fan Bingbing

She is definitely one of the prettiest people to come from China. She is an actress as well as a singer. She is also a television producer. She rose to fame with the series My Fair Princess. Which was a major hit.

7. Huang Xiaoming

He is an actor, male model and singer from China. He studied in the performance acts in the Beijing Film Academy and graduated in 2000. He is not simply a preferred actor, however additionally an expert one: at the top of 2003, whereas he was driving through a mountainous space to catch a cinematography, his automobile flipped and he was seriously disabled.However, he instantly reappeared on the set with a brace that affected each the media crew and his fans.

8. Joon-Gi Lee

Joon-Gi Lee he was born in South Asia in 1982. He was raised by his mother. He started his career as a minor actor ad it was not until The King that he got a big role. However, Lee, has done varied shows that embody smart Culture, Forcemap and alternative live performances whereas noncommissioned. Joon-Gi Lee is additionally the DJ for Friends FM radio show referred to as Jumam that airs 7pm Korean time. Joon-Gi Lee continues to be involved acting and alternative recreation avenues and keeping in touch together with his fans through variety of sources whereas noncommissioned within the South Korean multimedia.

9. Yoo Gong

He was born in Busan in South Korea. He is known for movies like Train in Busan. In 2016, he had multiple hits with the success of zombie blockbuster Train to Busan, action-thriller The Age of Shadows and romantic fantasy drama series hob (2016), making him one in each of the foremost standing South Korean actors for that year. Train to Busan was the top-grossing film in Asian nation in 2016 and poor the box work record for Korean films in metropolis, Taiwan, Singapore and Asian nation.

10. Min HO Lee

He is known for his leading roles in movies like Boys over flowers and Heirs. He started his career in 2006 and since then has been solid in varied TV shows, short dramas and minor moving picture roles.

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