Best 10 Red Wines this December


December is a time for celebrations, family dinners and office parties. Having a nice bottle of wine available for the occasion adds to the festivities. Take one along as a hostess and you will be a hit for the occasion.

In an effort narrow down the list of overwhelming choices currently on the market, we have reviewed several of the red wines found on Listed here in no particular order are the top 10 from our review.

1. 2014 Rosso di Ca’ Momi California Red Blend Wine




2014 Rosso di Ca’Momi is a smoky California red blend with hints of both blueberries, plums and blackberries.That come With moderate tannins, a glass goes very well with a spicy pork or chicken and rice dish.

2. Barefoot Cellars California Rich Red Blend Wine




Barefoot Cellars California Rich Red Blend is an intense wine that is wonderfully received at celebrations. It also goes well with pasta or port ribs. Tasting of dark fruits, the vanilla and spice aromas draw you into each glass.

3. NV The Big Kahuna Merlot Red Wine




The Big Kahuna Merlot is sourced from Spanish vineyards. The wine has an intense color with a faint aroma of plums. This rich wine goes well with a lamb dish or with a richer pasta dish.

4. 2014 Black Oak California Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine




Black Oak Cabernet Sauvignon gives the drinker an invitation into an intense fruit-filled glass. Great with a creamy risotto and mushroom dish, this wine goes over smoothly with a nice finish.

5. 2014 Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine




Carnivor Cabernet is a bold, dark wine with blackberry, mocha and cherry flavors throughout each glass. This powerful wine is smooth and is ideally paired with a pork tenderloin or steak dish or have a glass in the evening before dinner.

6. 2014 CMS Columbia Valley Red 750 mL Wine




The 2014 CMS Columbia Valley Red from the state of Washington is a light blend with a hint of fruit and touch of sweetness. It is best as a table wine and goes very nicely with salmon or a cheese plate.

7. NV Duplin Wine Cellars Hatteras Red 750 mL Red Wine




The Carolina Red from Duplin Wine Cellars is a sweet wine made from Muscadine grapes. This intense wine should be served chilled and goes very well with fruit or have a celebratory glass at your party.

8. 2013 Hedges Family Estate Red




Though a bit of a splurge, the 2011 Hedges Family Estate Red Mountain Blend is a fine, savory wine that goes well with prime rib or a rich stew. Keep it for a while and it will make an outstanding glass to enjoy on its own.

9. Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley Washington Wine 750 mL



The 2014 Naked Winery Columbia Valley Merlot is known for its black cherry and red plum notes. From the state of Washington, this pleasant merlot will go well with lamb or risotto.

10. Pepperwood Grove Merlot 750 mL Wine



The award winning Pepperwood Grove Merlot is a darker merlot with flavors of plum and cherry pie. It is great for parties or celebrations, but can also pair with lamb or beef.

Wine choices can definitely be a personal taste, but we are confident that in this list you will find best red wines for the season. Most are priced around the cost of a six-pack of beer, but the wine comes with the satisfaction of knowing you got the best wine for the best value. Enjoy!