10 Makeup Products Under 10 Dollars

The makeup world is ever evolving and with new products being launched daily it’s sometimes hard to keep up with them all, and even harder to afford, especially for people on a budget. But the truth is that there are some really great products that are inexpensive and work just as well, if not better than the more expensive alternatives. The hard part is sifting through the junk to find the gems, but worry no more, I’m here to help. Below is a list of 10 really great makeup products that are under 10 dollars!

1. EmaxDesign 20 Piece Makeup Brush Set

This premium quality 20 piece brush is made of synthetic fibre materials making them durable, soft and enable them to hold powder and foundation. They come individually wrapped and in storage bag, so that they don’t get damaged. This set literally has every brush that you would need and more, including brushes I didn’t even know existed from foundation to lip to eyebrow brushes, this set has it all.

2. Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge Blender

This is a steal! You can never go wrong with Aesthetica products. This sponge is one of the best currently on the market, made from antimicrobial, latex free foam that reduces bacteria buildup ensures that it doesn’t absorb too much product. The edgeless design of this sponge makes it easy to use and is certain to make your face looks flawless.This sponge is used for powder, cream and liquid foundation and can be washed and used wet or dry.

3. Set of 6 Colors Madly Matte Lipgloss


This set comes in six colors that I simply love, and drys out to give a smooth matte finish. It’s the best of both, lipgloss and a matte finish, it so smells really good. I mean what’s not to love.

4. L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Lip Balm

No matter how much you love your lipstick and your lipgloss, you always need to have a lip balm, lip balm trumps all other, especially during the winter, when our lips are extra dry. This L’Oreal Paris Pink Satin lip balm nourishes your lips leaving them feeling moisturized, soft and smooth.

5. L.A Girl Matte Pigment Lip 843 Secret


I’ve always loved matte lips, but this lipstick makes me love it even more. I love love this matte red color, it’s beautifully bright and bold and drys very quickly leaving your lips looking perfectly smooth and sexy.

6. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara

This mascara is formulated to resist clumping (I hate clumpy lashes), is waterproof and adds volume and length to your lashes. It dries fairly quickly and you won’t need to apply too many coats because by the second coat my lashes were dramatically fuller. This is my new favorite mascara.

7. E.l.F Blush Palette


Due to my medium skin tone I generally find it hard to get the perfect blush but I found that this four in one pressed blush set was perfect for me, I could use all four colors and it didn’t look to heavy or overdone. The four colors in the set are universal and would suit any skin tone.

8. Rimmel London Natural Bronzer

This pressed bronzer is amazing and looks very natural on the skin, no matter how heavy handed you are. It also blends well so it can be used on any skin tone. When using this product I don’t even need to use blush because this bronzer does it all.

9. Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder

I am all for the natural look, and this highlighting powder gets 5 stars, it enhances your skins natural glow and feels silky smooth on your skin. Personally I think this is one of the best highlighters on the market.
I hope this article was helpful and that you get more makeup for your buck.