10 Best Christmas Wrapping Paper Designs

Christmas is a time for people to have fun with their loved ones and express their appreciation towards them in a variety of ways. What better way to do this than through gifts, as it is the norm? The paper gift wrapping you choose will, however, say something about the gift it bears.

1. Printed Tissue Paper for Gift Wrapping with Design

This is a Christmas gift wrap that is inspired by nature. It has a rustic outlook of dark branches with red cardinals over it giving the tissue paper a pleasant look. It is packaged as 24 sheets, each of which measures 20 by 30 inches in dimension.

2. Tissue Paper for Gift Wrapping with Design

This is a vintage tissue paper gift wrapper that assumes the design of postcards. It can take a variety of designs with the main theme being postcards and blends well for tissue paper flowers and gifts. It also comes in a 24 sheet pack and is a suitable decoupage tissue wrapping.

3. I Love Pigs Heart Snout Premium Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper, Roll

This wrapping has got quite an exciting, and eye-catching look. Just as the name suggests, it features a vibrant and bright surface with ‘I Love Pigs’ design that integrates the heart and a pig’s nose in a creative way that buyers will appreciate.

4. Vinegar&Brown Gift Wrapping Paper for Christmas

This is a classic paper wrapping with a just the right thickness to prevent from tearing under the weight of the gift. It features discrete and intimate designs with unique patterns and floral theme. It also leaves a neat and attractive finishing after wrapping.

5. Entertaining with Caspari Continuous Gift Wrapping Paper


This wrapping is manufactured using an environmentally friendly material. The paper is sturdy and creases beautifully while wrapping. It features Caspri craftsmanship designs of green leaves and red berries on a god design.

6 . UNOMOR Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Rolls

It has a special Christmas design that features three shades of color namely silver, gold and red featuring prints of Santa Claus, dinosaur, and reindeer respectively. The aluminum cover is water proof and therefore durable and the rolls fit easy with most box sizes.

7. Holiday Paper Gift Festive Wrap Minnie & Mickey Mouse

A Mickey and Minnie mouse inspired the theme for the wrapping that will be a favorite of kids. The images on the paper are bright and friendly hence giving the recipient of the gift a feeling of warmth and excitement.

8. Metallic Gold and White Tissue Paper Gift wrapping


Another classic paper wrapping that features a beautiful gold, metallic, and white colors that have been blended nicely to create a pleasant design. It has twelve polka dot, stars, and stripes patterns and has a large size suitable for all kinds of gifts.

9. Festive Plumeria & Poinsettia Design Hawaiian Gift Wrap Paper


It features a set of two rolls of sheet measuring 30 by 60 inches in dimension with a festive Hawaiian Plumeria and Poinsettia design. It brings about a tropical feel to the design with the bright colors.

10. The Gift Wrap Company Gift Wrapping Paper

Nice paper. It is so hard to buy rolls of paper at my usual stores. Everyone is using the bags instead. I will definitely buy more when needed.These wrapping papers are so cute. My 28-year-old daughter loved them on her birthday presents. One print will be great for my grandson’s birthday also.