10 Best Affordable Electric Blankets 2016

There’s nothing better than an electric blanket to keep you warm and snug in bed, more especially during the months of winter. Electrical blankets are pretty pricey, and with the cheaper ones, there’s ways that fear that you are going to get a blanket of substandard quality. Well fear no more dear consumer, because below is a list of 10 of the best electric blankets, that are cheap yet are of excellent quality and are perfectly safe to use.

1 Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Throw

This fleece throw comes in a beautiful red / black plaid color, so it looks really trendy as well as feels amazingly light and soft. This heated blanket has 3 heat settings and also boasts a auto off feature (3 hours). It’s also designed with a super thin wiring system, which makes for better heating and superior warmth.

2 Sunbeam Heated Fleece Electric Blanket

This heated blanket has five heat settings and boast a preheating feature, which enables you to warm your bed beforehand. This off white fleece blanket is made from polyester, so it looks great, feels great and is washer safe. It also has an auto off after 10 hours if you fall asleep and don’t need to use it throughout the night.

3 Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket


This super soft, thick and fairly large quilted heated blanket features a low and high setting in a large controller, which makes it easy to change the heat setting at night, in the dark. The cord on this blanket is also quite long, which is convenient is your plug point is far from your bed.

4 Sunbeam Heated Electric Blanket Royal Dreams Quilted Fleece Twin

This misty grey heated blanket is made from polyester, so not only does it look elegant but is also comfortable. The auto adjust feature in this blanket ensures that it’s heated throughout the night and also enables you to set back the thermostat while sleeping and also has ten heat settings so you can find the perfect temperature for you. This blanket also comes with a five year warranty, which is great, because electric blankets are quite temperamental.

Serta Sherpa Microfleece Reversible Electric Heated Throw

This blanket is slate blue in color and made from polyester and reverses to Sherpa lining, which keeps you warm and cosy, even if the blanket isn’t on. It has a pretty long cord (8.5′) which makes it easy to use. This blanket so has a four level heat setting as well as a four hour shut off (if you fall asleep).

6 Sunbeam LoftTech 2 Person Oversized Electric Heated Throw Blanket


It’s eggplant in color and has a five year warrant, need I say more. The specialized wiring of this blanket ensure that they entire blanket is heated, even the extended parts. This blanket has 3 heat settings and a 3 hour auto shut off, making it convenient when you sleep. It’s also easy to wash, being washer and dryer safe.

Sunbeam Luxury Microplush Electric Heated Blanket

This polyester made denim blue heated blanket has two digital controllers with up to ten different heat settings. This blanket also has a ten hour auto off safety feature, so you can sleep in peace knowing your blanket will turn itself off. This blanket also has a 20′ cord (which is currently one of the largest) and offers a five year warranty.

8 Satin Fleece Blanket


This blue fleece blanket made from polyester is comfortaly soft as well as luxurious, with its satin edges. This lightweight, soft blanket is available in various different sizes, from twin to king size and is easy wash, being machine safe.

9  Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Throw

This turn down three setting thermostat with multi controller electric blanket has all the features. Due to the fact that it’s made from polyester and velvet, it ensures comfort as well as elegance. Like all Sunbeam heated blankets, this one too comes with a five year warranty.

10 Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket Zebra Print


This trendy microplush Zebra Print heated blanket looks so good, it literally can be used or taken anywhere. The large single three setting control, makes it easy to adjust the temperature at night. This trendy blanket also has a safeguard that turns it off after 3 hours.
Getting an electric blanket during winter is essential for everyone. Not only does it keep your warm and toasty, but also saves you on heating costs and with these inexpensive, yet reliable blankets, everyone can afford to get one.